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Forex Trading has its risks, but with the right trading strategy, one can minimize the risk and make a lot of money. A difficulty for beginners is finding the right broker to trade with. Never make the mistake of registering an account with Forex Brokers whose interest is seeing you fail or lose money. You must understand that the most regulated brokers can mess you up without remorse. Therefore, this post will focus on three Forex brokers that allow you to trade Forex without any trouble and they won’t trade against you. Their interest is seeing you succeed. 1. Profiforex Broker The first broker on the list is Profiforex. This Forex broker is not the most regulated, but it came on top because it has proven itself to be reliable…
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Profiforex Scam or Legit?

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Profiforex is an STP and ECN broker located in Seychelles. It is one of the most preferred broker by U.S. traders due to its high leverage, Fast Execution and generous Bonus it offers. Here are some features of this broker Account Types: The broker offers two types of accounts; micro and standard account. A micro account allows me to trade in micro lots and in cents. I started with just $1 and was given $5 as 500% bonus to test the features of this broker. After I discovered how nice the broker is, I deposited more money and started making profit. High Leverage: Leverage is like a loan from a broker. I am able to select from 1:1 to 1:500 using this broker. I don't need to ask the customer…
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